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Professional. Informed. Loyal.

Helping your client to buy or sell a home is thrilling.  You’re excited because your client just signed the contract. You’re anxious because the agreement hinges upon the home inspection.

Our experienced professionals inform your client about the home, delivering facts and recommendations in a relaxed manner.

We’re Your Partner: Scheduling Simplicity

You focus on delivering impeccable service to your clients. We focus on helping you minimize admin time by ensuring rapid access to inspection scheduling via our call center: 888.USINSPECT or online scheduling application, perfect for nights and weekends.

We’re Your Partner: On-Site

We understand the potential for angst that emanates from inspection findings.  From the first moment on site, our professional, experienced home inspectors engage your client, describing the inspection process, capturing accurate and objective information about the property, delivering useful hints and recommendations, and answering questions in a relaxed setting. When we're finished with the inspection, our inspectors present findings in a clear and straightforward manner, employing a low-key approach to communicating issues and proposed remediation.

Secret to Our Success

There’s a reason that US Inspect has been the industry leader since 1987 – our inspectors. We’re careful about whom we invite to work with US Inspect. We recruit only the finest industry professionals, each of whom joins with years of relevant industry experience. Every inspector is required to complete a rigorous curriculum of classroom and ride-along training exercises before conducting their own inspections. Each inspector is required to complete online continuing education to ensure sharp skill sets.

Why We’re Different – and Best

From working with only the finest agents to rapid scheduling, quality inspections, comprehensive reports, and prompt follow-up, we make partnering with US Inspect quick and easy. Schedule your inspections online or call and speak with one of our reps. Enjoy working with the industry’s finest inspectors. Access our agent resources to help you gain a competitive edge.