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Life changes fast.  So does your home.

Your home and its major systems are aging—roofing, siding, HVAC, plumbing, windows, doors, floors, kitchens, bathrooms.

You need to maintain your investment and plan for the future.

Keeping You Informed: Digital Newsletter and Blog

Homebuyers and homeowners consider US Inspect a trusted advisor.  Our monthly digital newsletter and weekly blog posts educate, inform, and entertain you, while keeping you apprised of trends and developments across major systems: Structural, Roofing, Exterior, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, Insulation and Ventilation, Appliances, Water Control, Waste Disposal, and Property and Site.  Our popular blog provides helpful information about owning a home, tips and trends, and seasonal maintenance.

Helping You Save Money: Exclusive Offers from Premium Service Partners

As the largest inspection services firm in the country, we have unique opportunities to bring exceptional added value and cost-savings promotions to our customers from third-party relationships.  Whether you need a new roof, want to go green with solar, add a security system, or replace your window treatments, we have relationships and promotions that can help you when you're ready.  Our monthly digital newsletter and blog posts frequently provide information about ongoing promotions from our third-party partners, just register for details.

Helping You Maintain Your Home: Home Maintenance Inspections

Ever wonder if your contractors are providing accurate assessments of different components of your home? If you purchased your home more than a year ago, you need to consider an update to your home inspection because home conditions change fast, particularly if your home is more than five years old. Our teams are unbiased experts who give you the straight story on your home's condition and what investments you need to make now to prevent small issues from becoming major problems. Our Home Maintenance Inspection is a point in time update of your home inspection and provides details on structure, roof, exterior, interior, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems.

Helping You With Your Builder: Before the One-year Warranty Expires

Newly constructed homes typically carry a one-year builder's warranty—after the first year expires, there's an increased risk of expensive, "surprise" repairs no longer covered by the builder's warranty. Our new home first year anniversary inspection is a detailed, visual evaluation of your home which can help you find out how your home's condition has changed and aged during its critical first year. Our experienced, professional local inspectors provide information on the proper care and operation of your home's major systems. Protect your new home with a First Year Anniversary Inspection performed before your builder's warranty expires.

Why We’re Different, Why We're Best

From working with only the finest agents to rapid scheduling, quality inspections, comprehensive reports, and prompt follow-up, we make working with US Inspect quick and easy. Revel in owning your new home!  Stay informed with our monthly inspection newsletter and blog.  And update your home inspection every couple of years just to make sure that you're maximizing your home's investment.